Final Weeks!

Happy Friday Bakery Friends, Just a HUGE reminder we have a Just Bakery Info Session Coming up this Tuesday the 14th!! @12pm !

This week we had our Nutrition Final on the classroom side, and on the kitchen side of things our students made sugar cookies, which taste so good, and dipped biscotti.

With our interns our students finished their resumes and cover letters, completely revamped and ready for the workforce. We had mock interviews for our students set up with our partners at American Family Insurance to help knock the dust off of their interviewing skills. They did very well and received some excellent feedback. Students actually got to play with slime when we met with Jan from Project Respect. Thanks to Elizabeth, our intern, we all learned about intentional thinking for Mindful Monday, which helps us realize how much control we really do have over our lives. Instead of feeling like life just happens to you, when you are intentional with everything that you do, you empower yourself.
And we ended the week with Zack’s Birthday which was yesterday, he came in today with a whole new look after finally getting a hair cut.
And we will finish this week with our Yoga class that we always have at the end of the day on Fridays.

Have a greet weekend everyone and be sure to get your holiday sweets at the link here!

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