Volunteer Opportunities with Circles of Support

Circles of Support is a reentry program that matches formerly incarcerated individuals (Core Team Members) with volunteers in the community (Circle Members) to provide social support and positive community to the Core Team Member. Circles provide a safe place where the Core Team Member can be heard, encouraged, and respected while they discuss the challenges they may be experiencing as they transition back into the community. 

Circle Member 

Circle of Support volunteers, “Circle Members,” meet each week for an hour and a half, over 6 months. Volunteers provide Core Team Members (newly released from prison) with mentoring and alternative solutions to problems as they work through challenges. The Circles of Support offer an environment that is positive, supportive and respectful and also holds Core Team Members accountable for achieving and succeeding in their weekly goals. The Circle offers the support individuals often need to be successful in their return to the community. 

Circle meeting times are determined by each Circle. Once a day, time, and location is chosen, Circles typically keep that schedule for the duration of their time together.

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