First Week Baking In The Kitchen!!

On Fridays we get to stop, take a break, be in the moment and connect with our bodies when we have our yoga session with Yoga Accessible For All.   Our student Hynetia had also just finished her first week that she gets to spend half of the week in class and the other days baking delicious treats like cookies. 

Hynetia is showing up everyday with her homework done and ready to learn, even with so many difficult things affecting her outside of Just Bakery that could easily bring down her spirit and break her motivation.  I honestly don’t know if I could handle everything with the strength and grace that  she has and for that I wanted to say how very proud we all are of her.  


This Saturday was my first time being at our Just Bakery Booth at the Hilldale Farmer’s Market

It was raining most of the day but I thought we had a pretty steady turn out, we even had one customer who said they came to the farmer’s market because they saw that Just Bakery would be there!  I had a great time, we are there Wednesdays and Saturdays, Hope to see you there! 

Justin and V at the Farmer's Market

Our Cinnamon Rolls were one of the first things to sell out, so don’t miss out on them!  

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