JB 60 is coming in Strong!

Summer is in full swing here at Just Bakery! JB 60 is about half way through class and gaining more confidence in the kitchen. This week was a big week and they faced it head on and with smiles on their faces.

This week they learned about the importance of leavening in baked goods and made muffins. They got to be creative and come up with some of their own variations of cookies (like andes mints and white chocolate, Yum!) and helped put together hundreds of ice cream sandwiches.

Next week they take on learning about dietary restrictions but are very excited to learn how to make caramel. We have been discussing what they would like to make for their final projects and we can’t wait to try what they create.

We are super excited to be at a couple great markets this summer! We are back at the Hilldale Farmer’s Markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 8:00-1:00. You can also find us a new one put on by Christine’s Kitchens: Market Market on the east side, Wednesday evenings 5:00-8:00. Make sure to check their Facebook page for the schedule of vendors!

At both markets we will have our bread products! We have revamped our Multigrain loaf-you’ll notice a deeper color and flavor! We also have a great Sourdough-just the right amount of “tang” and a nice hearty texture. And who can forget our Cheesy Rolls?! Perfect for snacking or for sliders or sandwiches!

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