Juggling Lots, but Aiming for Success

“Moving into week 6 at Just Bakery, we started out as usual with some Bakers’ Math. In this unit we use real recipes and find the total weight of it. We also practiced figuring out order forms and how to decide how much product we needed to make based on what we had in stock. 

For Mindful Monday we did a 20 minute meditation with Candice and discussed things we were presently anxious about. Many of us are juggling work, family, and other responsibilities while taking this program, so stress reduction techniques like meditation are extremely helpful.


After that, we worked with Tucker, continuing work on our resumes and cover letters. We also did some job searching and practiced what we learned about interviewing.
In Chapter 10 of Nutrition, we moved from discussing food allergies into the dynamics of developing staff and defining responsibilities. These include front-of-the-house/back-of-the-house duties, and the importance of communication between departments to ensure consumers with allergies are protected and satisfied.
We finished out the afternoon with Zack on Chapter 13 of ServSafe, Integrated Pest Management about working with professional PCO’S.
In the kitchen on Tuesday, we used the very fancy cookie machine. This was very interesting! We made the chocolate chip cookie dough using the creaming method and then we put the dough through the machine, which then cuts and drops the cookie dough onto the cookie sheets in mostly perfect cookie size amounts. However, the high maintenance cookie machine is kind of a chore to work with since the cookie dough tends to stick to the sides of the machine. That means it is crucial to be continuously checking to make sure the dough is properly placed into the roller. Also, the parts are very heavy and tedious to clean, but when you get the machine going, it can pump out a lot of cookies in a short time.


Back in our individual homes on Wednesday, we reviewed Bakers’ Math, Nutrition Marketing and Evaluating Nutrition Programs, and Chapter 14 on ServSafe with Zack: Food Safety Regulations and Standards.
We also went over our Nutrition Presentations and Jaclyn introduced us to Google Slides so we could begin to put our presentations together with word art, images, and other Google Slide tools.”
Thursday the cookie life continued as the students learned how fun it is to hand scoop the cranberry oatmeal cookies (they can’t go into the fancy machine and have to be handled by hand). 


Friday they wrapped up both their ServSafe and Nutrition books- it’s test time! Next week they will focus on ServSafe, taking their test on Wednesday, and the following week will be Nutrition presentations and the last test! Where has the time gone?!

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