Poultry Poetry, and other fun things

“This week there was a lot more math!


We also did fun team building by playing toss the Ball! We had to answer the question written on the ball like, “What is the best food you ever ate?”-my answer was Chilean Seabass at the Rainforest Cafe at The Mall of America.

John Givens, the Program Coordinator for Circles of Support, came for a visit. He helps justice impacted individuals reacclimate to the community through support from volunteers in the group and those who have gone through similar experiences.

We had yoga on Tuesday this week-man, I am sore and out of shape but its so great to get in touch with body and mind.

We also had our ServSafe midterm (😖) Tests are always fun-even though you might be stressed, even if you get a question wrong, it just means you have another opportunity to learn!

We worked on resumes and got hooked up with FSET! FoodShare and Employment Training-they help members build job skills, find jobs, and plan career goals. Check them out at dhs.wisconsin.gov!

Some fun sayings this past week:

Food FOR Safety

Be sure to memorize, sterilize, and use pasteurized or you might get yellow eyes! (Poultry Poetry)

Use the “Scadoop Scoop” when getting ice from the machine WOOT!

What’s HACCPing?! (that stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point program!)

And that was Week 2!!”

Thanks Natasha! Now for some JB Updates:

We are pleased to see the students enjoying our new instructor, Liz’s, energy and fun sayings!

We have started back up at the Hilldale Farmer’s Market every Wednesday and Saturday-so make sure to stop down and buy some of our treats! The best way to support our program is to purchase our products-all money from sales stays within the program!! Plus-our stuff is delicious!

We still have a volunteer opportunity helping us out at the farmers market! Looking for a volunteer to help set up or break down, and to allow the staff to take a quick break. There are a lot of options for timing-check out the opportunity here-we really need someone on Wednesdays!


Finally, Just Bakery is hiring! We need someone who loves to do different jobs and has experience in baking, a good driving record, and likes interacting with folks at sales events! If this sounds like you, reach out! Full job posting here!

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