The Only Constant Is Change

With the governor’s order a couple weeks ago, Just Bakery needed to do some more adaptation. We did not want to risk the health and safety of our staff and students, so paused our in person kitchen instruction portion and have been working on keeping the students engaged virtually until January. Here is Amy to tell you about the new schedule!

“Welcome back everybody after the Thanksgiving Holiday. We hope you all had a safe and healthy vacation. What saddened me about this year is that many of our traditions that we often celebrated with our families, sometimes for decades, came to an end and we had to be really creative in finding new ways to come together. However, one thing I’ve learned in life is that the only constant is change. So off we go, making our adjustments and adaptations in order to bring out the positive in some really stressful times.

JB 45 have fully completed our classwork portion of the program and have become certified in three areas: Restaurant and Hospitality Management, ServSafe, and Nutrition. At the end of last week, some of the Students presented their final Nutrition projects via zoom and then a few more were presented on Monday this week. Some of the topics included Celiac Disease/Going Gluten Free, The Kosher Diet, How to Make Healthy Granola, and Low Carb/Keto Diet.
Because we are unable to work in the kitchen during the month of December, we got started on our Baking Videos with Sylvia. This week’s videos were about the different varieties of flours and their uses, the Straight Dough Method, and we now know a little bit more about the importance of Gluten in dough (and that you can actually blow it up like a balloon)!
For Mindfulness Monday, we talked about our strengths and weaknesses with Candice. Oftentimes, as we experience trauma in our lives, our self-esteem diminishes and it can be difficult for us to find our strengths because it is much easier to see our weaknesses. I found this to be an appropriate topic so we can be prepared and confident in selling ourselves, so to speak, to potential employers. It was also encouraging to focus on those positive aspects of ourselves that often get drowned out by the constant pressures in life where we may feel we need to “measure up” or  “perform” to our own or others expectations of us.
The group is finished with Anesis, the trauma group, however we are still meeting with Kaziah for our Peer Support Group. We are no longer meeting on Wednesday’s but resume on Thursday to go over the content on the videos.
We each meet individually with Candice, Brandon, and Tucker, our employment guy. Some of us have already gotten jobs, myself included! I started working at Lane’s Bakery and I’m super excited about it because they are training me to decorate. Other students are beginning to look for work as well and some are planning to continue on with school or perhaps open their own small business at some point.
It’s been really exciting and uplifting to see all of us overcome the challenges we encountered at the start of the program, and watching each other grow while supporting one another has truly been an amazing experience. Some of the classmates are now getting together outside of the program and are building friendships with one another. It will be very interesting to see where everyone goes after the completion of the program.”


Shout out to Alex from @shortstackeatery for hanging out with us last week! She came on to talk to the students about the experience of creating their business. Many of our students want to own their own business, so it is awesome to have someone who has been through it come on to answer questions and just talk about it!! Thank you Alex!
We have some awesome holiday treats available on our website so make sure you are getting those orders in! We restock on Sunday mornings and we usually sell out by Thursdays so make sure you are getting those orders in early!!! 

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