The Three Muffinteers


This Week At Just Bakery was a combination of work, class, emotions and bonding.  We all are bonding well in the kitchen.  We’re beginning to see each others strengths and weaknesses.  Then picking up each other and helping out where one team member lacks.  Lots of laughter and learning going on in the kitchen.

All in all Everyone is finding their way and elevating in the area’s that were once challenging (good job team.)  I’m so proud of how far we have come and the fact that we do it together (by choice of course) makes it that much better.  Its a lot easier to get things done when you know there’s a team member to assist whenever needed!

I’m not sure about the cookie count because we insist on tasting our product before it goes out.  I must say, we are making great products to get out to the public.

On the other hand, the classroom has been a little challenging, but we are beginning to have better scores then we expected,  Just need to make more time to study at home or after hours of school.

We all seem to have a lot going on in our personal lives and us being able to call, lean and basically depend on one another to find the mind state to keep pushing.  We are the Three Muffinteers!

One week of school / class left and then off to the kitchen full time.  Yay I find my way around the kitchen very well and I really love / enjoy everything about it.  Everyone does their part and we get it done.


The 3 Muffinteers made Irish Rosemary Soda Bread, testing out a new special we will be running in March, which was delicious!

Next week will be our last week in the classroom and I will miss seeing these amazing faces everyday. There is still space in the upcoming JB 53 class, so if you are interested in attending Just Bakery, email Jaclyn ( for the information and application!

And in case you need something delicious in your life, here’s a link for our delicious cinnamon rolls 

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