It’s been so long!! But we are happy to be back in action after some much needed rest after the wonderfully busy holiday season. Our staff and JB 45 are back in the kitchen; recharged and ready for your orders! New this year will be our Cookie of the Month program, so be watching for more information on how to receive these delicious treats monthly!

After a couple week break, JB 45 has gotten back into the kitchen with Justin. He started them out getting the kitchen back into tip top shape with some serious deep cleaning, and showed them the process of taking inventory and placing orders. These tasks may not be as fun as the baking, but they are definitely a reality in any production bakery! They also learned the art of our amazing Turtle Brownies. This week they got to get back to the baking with biscotti, pumpkin bars, and orange quickbread.

As you know, when a group enters their third month, we start another in the classroom only first month! Though we started with five, that number has dwindled down to two: Kathy and Lisa. These ladies have looked at the workload and overcome! Last week we jumped right in with Nutrition and ServSafe, as well as getting to know each other better through some team building games. Now at the end of their second week, they are definitely ready for the long weekend! Here is Kathy to tell you a bit of the last couple weeks:

“Our class grew one week and shrunk the next. As long as you live life, this will happen. We are grateful for their contributions and the experiences they shared during their time in class. Wishing them only the best and that they pursue their passions and dreams.
This week in Nutrition, we learned about consumer interest in food, and cooking healthy while not ignoring flavors. We’ve also reviewed how as a manager or business owner, it is important to stay up to date with health trends and the needs of the customers you plan on appealing and selling to.
In ServSafe we learned about the flow of food, purchasing, receiving, and storing. Ending the week with storage guidelines for cooler and storage of dry goods.
Overall: balance is key in all things . Staying current and keeping up with the homework is a great start and end to the week.”

We are already towards the end of Nutrition-one more week of chapters and review before JB 46’s first exam!! 


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