Graduation Day for JB 59!

Today was JB 59’s Graduation Day! Morgan and Jerry have been such an upbeat and positive duo in the kitchen they will be very missed but we are excited to see where they go from here! So here is a little recap of JB 59’s time in the kitchen. They learned lots of science in the classroom and in the kitchen doing fun experiments like creating Honeycomb candy to show the reaction of baking soda and how it makes things rise. 


They started with learning how to make cookies and muffins, all the way to croissants and cream puffs! Morgan and Jerry really came into their own as bakers and were always up for a challenge. They excelled at making croissants and had so much fun getting to experiment with different flavors (especially anything chocolate for Jerry!) They tried their hands at making puff pastry dough with delicious results.

For their final projects Jerry made double chocolate chip cookies and Morgan made mini berry cheesecakes(with a berry sauce she made herself!) All in all they grew in their confidence to bake and reminded us all of the joy baking brings. 

Wherever they go after this will be lucky to have either of them apart of their staff.  Good luck and congratulations Morgan and Jerry!

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