Baking the World a Better Place

I want to introduce you to our newest instructor- our students will be working with her once they start working in the kitchen.  And we are thrilled to have her positive energy and the unique knowledge that she will bring as an instructor. Please give a warm welcome to Clare!!

“My name is Clare and I am the new kitchen instructor.  I have been working in kitchens for 7 years and have an associates degree. I found my passion for baking in culinary school and have been pursuing my dream of making the most delicious baked goods ever since.  Teaching others how to bake and watching their growth in confidence and creativity brings me so much joy.  Outside of baking, I love animals and volunteer at the Heartland Farm Animal Sanctuary. I am a bit of a comic book nerd, and I love puns.  I look forward to growing my own abilities in teaching and helping my students grow and bake the world a better place together.”

Have you visited us at the Hilldale Farmer’s Market yet?? We’re there everything Wednesday and Saturday from 8:00-1:00. We have had some delicious summer specials, and only a couple more weeks before we switch to fall! So make sure to come down and check out our Strawberry Rhubarb scones, Orange Rolls, and of course a bag of cookies while you’re at it…

Mark your calendars!! The Taste of Madison is coming up September 3rd and 4th-and it’s back on the square!! We are Booth 108, selling our ice cream sandwiches, chocolate ganache brownies, and confetti sugar cookies. Hope to see you there!!!

Think Just Bakery sounds like the program for you?  Contact Jaclyn ( for more information on how to join! Next class starts September 6th!

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