Brrrr-ing It On!

The days keep flying by as JB 46 wraps up Week 6. They’ve been working hard on Controlling Foodservice Costs-the most dreaded of the material we cover. We completed the book this week and started on some review. They have a heavy week ahead of them while they continue preparing for the exam!

In addition to studying for their next test, they are also finishing up their Supervision book. They’ve been learning about scheduling employees, resolving employee conflicts, terminating employees, and communication-to list a few. They will be starting the Management book next week which will cover some of this same information and more!

The hands-on training continues in the kitchen as they learn more of the techniques! This week they were still rocking the cookie life as they mastered the creaming method, and scooping. One of the key features of commercial baking is consistency, so it is really important to make sure all the products come out not only tasting the same, but looking the same. 

Hope you got your Valentine’s orders in because time is up! Baskets are going out this weekend! For those who did purchase from us-thank you! We appreciate the support, and it’s also nice to be a part of your loved one’s lives!

If you or anyone you know may be interested in joining Just Bakery, our information session is coming up Tuesday! We are doing a “Lite” curriculum which will include Management, Nutrition, and ServSafe as well as employment skills and the hands on kitchen experience. Email for more information!

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