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This has been an exciting week! Marlene is joined by JB 42’s Kim in the kitchen to finally start learning hands-on baking skills AND our interns have started! Brandon and Candice will be with us for the next year working as our Resource Specialist interns helping our participants with any barriers that may be in there way. Tucker is our employment intern assisting in teaching resumes, cover letters, statements, and interview skills. We are so happy to have these folks joining us!

Here is Marlene to let you know how the week has gone!

“We started another book this week-supervision, and on Tuesday I started the kitchen. We went over the cost chapters 5 and 6 this week, and we are progressing steadily through the course material.

On Monday I met the interns. The role of the interns are support specialists, including case management and Mindful Mondays. When a new person joins the group, we say some little trivia things about ourselves so the rest of the group can get to know a little about each other. Their names are Candice and Brandon and I will see them in the classroom and upon zoom.

We did check-ins for Mindful Monday and our self care plans, which are ways in which we take care of ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally and stay focused on our goals.

On Tuesday, we started in the kitchen! I got a tour of the kitchen and learned what kinds of duties, such as making cookies, that I will be doing. There was nothing unusual about the kitchen;  it looked just like I imagined. We talked about personal hygiene and what the kitchen and or the store room will look like. At the end we will get to make a project which we will share as part of the class project. 

Tuesday’s Anesis group was about understanding what is to be a caregiver and modeling ones behavior for care giving. The issue of mirroring was also brought up: mirroring could mean following a person you admire’s foot steps. It can build safety net for you and your family, and a sense of closeness.  We also talked about the different ways people remember their deceased loved ones- such as lighting candles, baking cakes, putting their picture upon their walls, as a way of of immortalizing them.

I’m getting to know Jan the Cost tutor -after I talked to Jan and the interns I concluded to be successful in the program, I will just need to keep up with my studies and do the kitchen part!”

Thank you, Marlene!

Fall is blowing in quick and you can see the changes in our flavors! Sonja has been having a lot of fun playing with traditional fall tastes (hello pumpkin🎃) and bringing in some new ones (Apple Cardamom Kringle!!). Remember, one of the easiest (and tastiest) ways to support us is to buy our products! Next weeks goodies will be ready to order on Sunday- click here to see what we’ve got!


Our next information session will be coming up September 22. We had funds left over to do a second paid trauma-informed cohort! If you or someone you may know is interested- join us on Zoom that day! Here is the link for that meeting! Hope to see you there!

Topic: Just Bakery Info Session
Time: Tuesday, Sept. 22 @12:00

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 853 4344 7415


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