Class 51!

Hey everyone and welcome to the the next class at Just Bakery, we have a bunch of exciting new faces ready to learn and grow. as usual we are gonna highlight some of those faces this week and next week so you can get to know them, and of course hear from them about there experiences and what they get out of each day.

We will introduce a few students this week and few others next week so be staying in tune! :

“Hello, my name is Tamika and I love to learn, bake, & cook. I plan to use this class to take me to new levels”

My name is Tiana I’m 26 years old from des Moines Iowa . I moved out to Madison to change my life , well it didn’t start good , i became homeless and started using drugs that took place for about 2 years . in 2020 my life changed i stopped using and became healthy , made goals for myself and achieved housing i wouldn’t have been able to do that without the support of my fiancé , i now find joy in life instead of it being stressful and messy , ive had time to think about what ive wanted to do with my life and I’m not sure yet still thinking about it I’m young and have time to decide what i want to with my life , one thing i want people to understand about me is that i will always be in recovery , i take my life one day at a time so be patient with me

Hi my name is Jasmine but I go by Jamisen I’m 31 years old.

Next week we will follow up with the remaining 3 students and a little update on how the 2nd week of ServSafe went. for more tune in to the blog every Friday to keep up with students, new products, community events, & much much more. We will see you next week don’t forget to check out some awesome goodies right here.

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