Closing In On The Final Week

Hey all our friends family and JB fanatics its been a long yet seeming fast week and we have loads to cover!

first off wanna give a huge shoutout to the Just Bakery students as they enter there last week in the 2nd month as we transition into the next group. you guys have accomplished so much in such a short time i cant wait to hear about all the new and fun adventures await.

We have fully transitioned into fall which means are goodies are back and falltastic! if you wanna see some of these goodies be sure to check out our store here.

The student have been finishing up management and have found it very crazy that managers in there own life don’t follow some of the standards and procedures that a lot of operations should follow. They will be taking the test this coming Wednesday and that’ll be the final test in the classroom.

Breads & Rolls









As we enter the final weeks I wanna remind you guys that our next class starts Nov 1st.= if anyone is interested have them reach out and apply its a paid class with opportunity for 8 college credits to MATC culinary program.

Have a safe and healthy weekend we will see you guys next frday for the final wrap up of class 50!.

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