To the Kitchen We Go!

This week is a very exciting week! JB 51 has entered the kitchen!! The first [...]


LAST week we had BIG Milestones. We just had students take the ServSafe exam Wednesday, [...]

The Final Countdown

This was the final week in the classroom for students as they wrapped up there [...]

Closing In On The Final Week

Hey all our friends family and JB fanatics its been a long yet seeming fast [...]

Very Interesting Week

Hey all you JB Fans Friends & Family Week 3, one of the first weeks [...]

JB 50-Working Through It!

Well JB 50 has made it through Week 2! They are preparing their ServSafe presentations [...]

Welcome JB’s 50th Class!

Happy Friday! We are back in action with JB 50 starting up this week. In [...]