Getting Our Hands Metaphorically Dirty

“As JB 45 continues to learn more about and study Baker’s Math, Servsafe, and Nutrition, we were really excited to start rolling in the dough and getting our hands dirty this week in the kitchen. Well, “dirty” in a Servsafe sort of fashion: practicing sanitation and social distancing!

Monday we met on zoom as usual to go over Chapter 7 in Nutrition, which breaks down the marketing of food, from the growing process to the packaging of it before it is prepared in the kitchen and then served to the public.

Chapter 10 of ServSafe discussed how the layout of a restaurant facility is designed and goes over the best uses of lighting, flooring, water supply, and proper wall coverings.
My class members and I went to the kitchen on Tuesday morning and spent the majority of the day with Justin getting oriented. In the afternoon, we learned how to prepare Danish Dough by rolling it out, creating layers, filling it with various flavors (such as pumpkin) and then neatly braided it into a ring and topped it with a fancy nut and brown sugar crumble transforming them into Kringles!


At about 1:30 we left the kitchen to attend our Anesis Trauma group where we talked about how we develop our trust and boundaries in relationships during our childhood years and how that affects our relationships today as adults.
Wednesday we were back to zoom classes all day, continuing with Baker’s Math and Chapter 8 of Nutrition: “Cooking for Health; Culinary Skills in Action”. This chapter offers different cooking methods to not only preserve nutrients during the cooking process, but also offered ways to reduce fat, sugar, and sodium by providing a list of healthier substitutes, such as using greek yogurt in place of sour cream in a recipe.
Thursday we were back in the kitchen with Phil. We made some lovely chocolate cream cheese muffins and about 12 Apple Pie’s with a crumble topping for the fundraiser event on Saturday. (You can buy our products here!)


At 3pm we met with Jan and we talked about healing stones. We were able to choose a variety of rocks to take home.
Friday we were back in class all day. We did some brief Baker’s Math coming closer to wrapping up Unit 3, followed by Chapter 9 in Nutrition. Chapter 9 discusses allergens and other dietary requests from customers and how restaurants can prepare to handle them safely. 
We also moved into Chapter 12 of ServSafe which goes in depth on the cleaning and sanitizing of facilities. 

Tucker introduced the final Employment topic: Interviews. We will be working on our interview skills over the next couple weeks while also finishing up previous employment work!

We wrapped up our week chatting with Kaziah, one of the peer specialists of JustDane. “
Thank you, Amy, for the updates on Just Bakery!
As always, we are so grateful for the support of our community. We hope to see you all on Saturday’s fundraising event: Just Plain Fun with JustDane, supporting both Just Bakery and Healing House, two of JustDane’s initiatives. Special thanks to the folks that helped make it possible: @ShortStackEatery for the drink kits, @TheLower5th and @CashBoxKings for allowing us to share your music, not to mention all the people who have purchased tickets and made additional donations for our programs. We rely on you to keep doing what we do! Remember, it’s as easy as buying and enjoying the baked goods our students are learning to create! 😊

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