Getting Situated

“What did we do this week? Well, there was math: multiplying, dividing (ugh, long division), and learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions- very important for when we get into the kitchen.

We also learned a lot in Nutrition about how the public’s nutrition concerns and diet considerations affect how we think about our business strategy and making menus and dishes for these diets, along with competing with other operations in our area.

Then we learned about organic foods and GMOs (Creepy? Maybe a little bit, huh?) and the different stages food goes through to get from the farm or other commercial growing operations all the way to your plate.

After that, we started looking at cooking healthy meals and being sure the food looks and tastes good while not serving too much or too little. I mean, do we all need a take-home box every time? And on the other hand, who wants a tiny plate that has two bites on it? Not me, unless you’re giving me 25 of those plates!

Anyway, in ServSafe we ran the gamut from proper handwashing (heads up Coronavirus!) and when to keep foodservice workers away from food. Then we covered steps and tools for keeping and handling food safely in the kitchen, what it should be like when you receive deliveries, and how to store it properly.

We got a start on resumes, took some time out for self-care in our wellness group, and talked about breathing and mediation in Anesis.

Coronavirus made its first impact on us in a couple of ways: First, the UW shut down deprived us of our interns who were helping us out with case management. Second, we decided to suspend our Sunday sales as a precaution, which takes away our sales opportunities.

We’re learning a lot here and hopefully, we can keep going in light of the current events. Be safe, be smart, be clean- wash your hands properly and often. See you next week!”


And one more introduction to one of the JB 42 students: Santiaga

“Larry is my name, however, I prefer to go by my street name, Santiaga. I’m 25 years old. My birthplace is none other than Chicago, IL, or known to the local news as the murder capital for notorious crime. I honestly don’t have any important people in my life besides my children, due to being abandoned at a very young age. Any close friends that I had are deceased or doing life in the government’s correctional facilities. It was my choice to attend Just Bakery I saw a flyer and decided that it would be an exceptional opportunity to finally finish school and obtain a degree in business. I

f I could describe myself honestly, I’m a loner and not really a people person unless it’s necessary or beneficial to my needs, wants, or desires. My identities are just me and my extraordinary mind and how it works. My struggles were my childhood and how certain individuals’ decisions affected my life and forced me to make harsh and devastating decisions/choices that haunt my soul forever.

The things I enjoy the most are music, poetry, and reading. My surprises in life and honestly that I’m free and alive and that I have beautiful babies who love me and that I’d go to great lengths for. My plans for the future have always been exceptionally precise: I want to own multiple businesses. Who I want to be: a superhuman.”

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