JB 43 Enters the Kitchen

JB 43 made it through the grueling first month of classroom only and finally started in the kitchen! The first day is a lot like the first day in the classroom where they are presented with a bunch of information as they prepare to get baking, and day 2 is all business. Here is Bee to give you a rundown of this short week:

“We dove into the week grateful to be past the meaty chapters of Nutrition and feeling a bit more confident in ourselves after the midterm. We were excited to get our hands in some flour for our first days in the kitchen. Touring the kitchen and seeing all of its special over-sized equipment was pretty neat, (there is nothing quite like smelling the potency of a big jug of almond extract!!).

In our time with ANESIS staff this week, we learned about attachment styles and how they affect us in our lives as adults and as adult caregivers. We got our creative juices flowing, and came prepared on Wednesday to prove our knowledge of food safety for our ServSafe presentations on running our own catering and mobile food vending businesses.

We end our short week with learning the ways of the kitchen while making a 300 scoop “single” batch of sugar cookie dough and some relaxing metaphysical conversation with Jan from Project Respect.”

Jazmine and Bee are over halfway through their Nutrition books, and are just about done with ServSafe. They start researching for their Nutrition presentations for the last day and are quickly approaching their ServSafe tests! I cannot believe how fast the time is flying (it gets me every time!)- make sure to check back next week to see what delicious products they work on next! And don’t forget to place your bakery orders for next Saturday’s pickup or delivery here!

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