JB 46 Enters the Kitchen!

Happy February! Last week we said goodbye to JB 45, and this week JB 46 entered the kitchen! It’s nice to break up the books a bit with some in person kitchen training. On Tuesday, Justin got them started with a tour of the kitchen and supplies, and an orientation. Then they were baking! Here’s Kathy to tell you a bit more:

“This week we had our first day in the kitchen with production. The first task at hand was learning more about the creaming method. Creaming method is blending your sugar and your fats together into a creamy consistency. This method is often use as a base for cookies and cakes before adding flour or oats. I’m enjoying the experience and looking forward to what’s next.
This week we tackled the ServSafe test. Our hard work and dedication paid off- the whole class passed! One down and a few more to go.”


We have a couple big orders coming up, one in particular for the Culinary Ladies Collective Cookie Box, where we are providing our amazing Cranberry Oatmeal cookies. This year funds from the boxes are going to support Harambee Village (check them out here). It’s such an honor to be featured with some of the areas best bakeries, and to help support such a wonderful program.

We had success with the ServSafe tests this week and we now both of our students are certified! We are already nearing the end of the Controlling Foodservice Cost book, and over halfway through Supervision. They have one more book to start next week. It’s crazy how fast the weeks go by!

Interested in joining Just Bakery? Our Information Session is coming up: Feb. 16 @ 12:00 via Zoom. If you are interested in learning more, email jaclyn@justdane.org. We are going to a do a “JB Lite” which covers three subjects instead of five, making it a little less intense. Class starts March 1!

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