Just Bakery Is More Than JUST a Bakery… Come See for Yourself!!

Life’s circumstance or missteps can lead to incarceration or other life challenges that can be difficult to overcome.  It’s better for everyone in our community when we can ensure a person has the chance to put the pieces of their lives back together; creating a community where everyone has an opportunity to succeed. 

 Just Bakery is a 12 week educational and vocational training program. The program works with individuals who are experiencing significant barriers to employment (homelessness, justice involved, lack of education, and/or a lack of work history or skills).

Just Bakery utilizes the National Restaurant Association’s “ManageFirst” curriculum, teaching hospitality and restaurant management, supervision, cost control, nutrition, and ServSafe to our students, as well as intro to baking hands-on in our commercial kitchen. This curriculum allows students to earn up to 12 college credits and gain automatic acceptance into the Madison College Culinary Program.

When you become a student at Just Bakery, you have an automatic support system that is here to help you with any resource that we have available.  Also to just have a safe space to go to to just vent and know that you are surrounded by people who genuinely care for you and want to see you win.  

When you are a student at college it is very easy to get lost in the class, get behind and give up.  But here at JB we walk with each student at their own pace. 

We have a class starting on May 2nd and we would LOVE to see you there! 


Athena, Gloria, and Zack

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