Kicking Off Week 1

Wow-what an exciting, yet education filled week! The new class got to learn about each other through various team-building exercises such as Solve The Puzzle (taking a picture and having them each draw one section and then place them together) and Character Matching (each person has to ask yes or no questions about the other persons character to help match with there character, for example, batman and robin). These help them get more comfortable talking, engaging, and interacting with each other which in turn will help them become a better team!

In addition to getting to know each other better, they are also getting to know the many different aspects of MUM- Janie came in to talk to them about the Peer program, and John came in to talk with them on the importance of social support and how they can get that through the Circles of Support program! And of course, we have started the material-they are well on their way through Nutrition and ServSafe.

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