Meet Our New Students for JB class 54!

This week was filled with BIG changes. We said goodbye to our wonderful interns, all while welcoming a new class of students.

Well not entirely new since our student Troy actually took the Just Bakery program 7 years ago. And actually works in the Bakery! He was so interested in the new classes that we offer since 7 years ago we only offered 3 classes. And is taking the full course load WHILE currently working full time in the Bakery AND being a single parent. Here is what Troy said about his first week taking the new curriculum.

“This 1st week of Just Bakery was Kind of an adrenaline rush.  Although I have been in Just Bakery before and completed it in class #13.  A lot of cool things have been added to the curriculum which I am excited to learn and put to use in future endeavors.

I am in this class for the Management and Costs portion because I want to run my own restaurants and other businesses.  This week I learned about my behavioral traits and that helped me understand who I am and what I can work on to become a better Leader and Business Owner!”

We are So proud of Troy, and know how difficult this course can be.  And we appreciate all his first hand knowledge he shares about food safety which adds a lot to our Servsafe class.

Meet Hynetia Travis, our other new student.  Here is a little bit about her, in her own words.  “To whom this may concern.  This has been good for me the first week has been an on hand work, home work, pre-test, and lots of work, it’s been a joy.  What I really enjoy the most is that this is keeping me busy.

We also had made an appearance at WortFest, which is a festival put together by WORT 89.9 radio; hosted local musicians local vendors and loads of fun for the family it took place on Saturday, May 22nd from 11am-7pm.

“we stopped in with our lovely goodies and saw some wonderful faces.” – Zack

What are these delicious treats everyone was enjoying at WORTstock? Cookies, cheesecake bars, and our award winning Turtle Brownies

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