Pie Season is Coming!

How did this happen!? JB 62 is in the kitchen working learning all about cookies and brownies and cheesecakes! But the prospect of pie season is looming and soon we will be in full production of pies! pre-orders for the holidays have started! Place your order for pick-up or delivery on November 22. Orders are due by November 13. You can order your pies here!

This year our pumpkin pie will have a ginger molasses crust and we will also be offering a Ginger pear pie. We have a lot of good fall goodies in the line-up from pumpkin bars to chocolate chip banana bread to gluten sensitive apple scones! 

The class has been doing great in the kitchen, learning quickly and even getting to do a little experimenting themselves. one of their favorite days has been biscotti.

Next week they go into muffins and quick breads and learning more about the common ingredients and what they do when they’re baked.

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