Ready for the Kitchen!

Today marks the end of Week 4 which means the students finally get started in the kitchen next week! They’ve worked really hard this last month, and now it is time for the real fun (and physical work) to begin.

This week was quite eventful as we get ready to split our weeks. They made it through the second unit of Baker’s Math where we talk about weighs and measurements, and get to play with fractions in real life ways.

ServSafe is flying by- we’re already to Chapter 9!? The students blew us away with their Food Truck and Catering presentations! The level of thought that went into each one was very impressive and hopefully they found the exercise to be helpful, especially considering so many want to own their own businesses. The goal of these presentations is to put the Flow of Food into a real life situation and to see how important it is to consider the different ServSafe factors when planning menus. 

We are officially halfway through Nutrition! The first part focuses on the basics of Nutrition and really understanding our needs and what healthy actually means. We had the most successful trivia review to date (Amy was our winner, followed closely by Nikki, Sarah pulling up third, and finally Marlon). The midterms went well and now we are onto the “business” side of Nutrition- we will discuss markets, menu planning, and implementing nutrition programs in restaurants while they also prepare for their final Nutrition Presentation. As long as everyone can keep dogs from eating their homework!

Resumes are progressing, cover letters in the works, and this week for Employment we discussed Statements. Statements are useful for explaining gaps of employment or anything that may come up on a background check. Many of our students are looking for employment, so please leave your leads in the comments!

Per the usual, Jan came in Thursday with a fun activity in time for Halloween: sending eCards to people as a fun way to stay in touch even when we can’t be in person! 

Shout out to our most recent graduate: Kim! Kim has been determined to finish this program no matter what tried standing in her way-and plenty did. But she finally made it through! It’s been a pleasure working with her and I’m excited to see what she does in the future with her baking and farming skills 😊Congratulations and good luck!!


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