Smart Cookies!

Wow time flys! As we enter into spring we see another class graduate! 3 determined students graduated today and we couldn’t be more proud of all of them. 

Today we reflected on how much they learned and how far they’ve come and can’t wait to see what is next for them all. One of the best parts of being a teacher here, for myself, has been graduation. Not only because I have to eat all their delicious food but because I get to see the joy they get from baking, the confidence they’ve developed, and the excitement to see how other people like what they made. 

they all chose challenging things to make and it turned out great! Jen chose banana pecan bread with a maple glaze that was soft and fluffy and the glaze really completed it. Ashley made cinnamon rolls with cookie dough inside and it was amazing, packed with fluffy cinnamon rolls with delicious chocolate chip cookies rolled in the middle. And Amanda made molten chocolate lava cakes with a raspberry sauce and raspberry buttercream that oozed chocolate and was a delight for us all. 


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