Tests, Tests, and More Tests!

Well, here we are, at the end of Month 2. JB 46 will continue their third month in just the kitchen as we welcome JB 47 into the classroom. It is crazy how quickly the weeks fly by.

The last two weeks have been quite busy as Kathy and Lisa prepared for their last three tests. They tackled Controlling Foodservice Costs, Supervision, and Management tests which wraps up their classroom time in Just Bakery. We also surprised them with some mock interviews with our Program Coordinator, Carmella, this week to finish up their work in employment. I hope they got a lot out of it! Our employment intern, Anne, has been working diligently with them to get their materials updated and ready for action!

In addition to all the preparation in the classroom, they have continued their kitchen practice with Justin. They have baked cookies, scones, quick breads and also worked on packaging and inventory.

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