The Fun Begins

JB 47 was introduced to the kitchen this week! Here’s Miles to fill us in on what they have done so far:

“First week in the kitchen! We’ve made it this far. David and I have been happy to get into the kitchen for a couple days and have been getting a good feel for working in a bakery. I appreciate Justin’s teaching style and approach to instructing students. I really enjoy the facility’s quaint, yet adequate, size. It feels a little bit cozy even though it is a kitchen, classroom, and business space.

We got to use the 60 gallon mixer to make 400 orange cranberry cookies. This is what we are making in the pictures. These have to be scooped by hand because cranberries will get stuck on the wire cutter of the cookie machine. I actually enjoyed doing this and could see myself working in a small bakery sometime in the future.”

In addition to the kitchen this week, we made some more progress in ServSafe and Nutrition. They had midterms in both subjects this week and are starting to see the areas they should review for the final tests. There are also some presentations coming up in both areas that have them a bit stressed out- but we know they can handle it 🙂

We had another JB 45 student, Sarah, come in and finish her final presentation; meaning she has officially graduated! Things are going well for her right now and we know she can keep the momentum moving forward. For her final, she embraced her French background and made some amazing Pain au Raisin-they were so good we hope to feature them this month- so watch out for that! I definitely ate my share yesterday, but I would gladly eat some more. She talked about the process of making pastry dough, crème anglaise. Her modification was substituting chocolate chips instead of raisins. Both were amazing! We are so proud of the work you have done, Sarah, and hope for the best for you in the future!

Mark your calendars: our next Information Session is coming up April 20. It will take place over Zoom-if you or anyone you know may be interested in joining Just Bakery, email to get  more information. Hope to see you there!

As always, thank you for your continued support

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