Definitely not JUST Bakery!

Amy is back this week to let you know how Week 3 went for everyone!

“Welcome back to Just Bakery. The name Just Bakery, however, is quite deceiving, I must say. The program encompasses so many other useful life skills and knowledge. For instance, this week we started out our Mindful Monday with more on Self-Care. Students were given assignments to come up with helpful tools and personal interests that they could use to de-stress from the demands of their personal lives. 

Tuesday, after more math, we were given a short quiz on all that we have learned so far with fractions, decimals, and percentages.


We continued in Servsafe and then during our two hour Trauma session, we learned what a crisis plan looks like and discussed safe people we would share one with. Then we ended with a relaxing meditation.
Wednesday was our big test on Management so at specific times each student came to the Just Bakery location and completed the  online test with Management First and those that past are now officially certified in Management.
Then we each met individually with the Resource Specialists to discuss our individual needs and how we can get them met. Thursday, we started with Unit 2 Math which explains Volumes and weights and we went through it together with Jaclyn.
After that, we cracked open our Nutrition Book, which we will also be earning a certificate for, and went over Chapter 1; A Market for Nutritious Food. We finished up the day with ServSafe Chapter 4.
Jan our Trauma Therapist introduced us to some online painting as a way to ground ourselves and then we had our individual appointments with Tucker to work on our Resumes and employment opportunities.
We students have been working very hard during this unusual time and Just Bakery has accommodated us very well with all the equipment necessary to be successful. We hope you keep tabs on our future Bakers throughout the next couple months to watch them grow and succeed.
Shout out to Marlene from JB 44: Congratulations on graduating the program! She worked hard and made it through! So excited to see where you go from here!


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