First Week Kitchen Stuff!

Hey everyone i hope you had a wonderful week. We got our students into the kitchen and off to the races already making products.

This first week was mostly an overview of the kitchen and making chocolate chip cookies. They did a fantastic job! Here’s a quote from Justin the kitchen instructor/coordinator “it’s always exciting seeing new students grow & learn.” In the classroom they are finishing up the nutrition book and are planning there presentations which they seem so excited for!

They met with Jan from project respect and had some fun making and creating molds which was more of a mess then they had realized it was like a glitter bomb had gone off in the classroom. Until next week i hope all you bakery friends & fanatics have a blessed weekend and remember to check out our amazing products listed below.

Monthly Special

Maple Bacon Scone

Leaving soon!

Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwiches



Cheesecake Bars


Breads & Rolls

Loafs Of Bread



Logo Cookies


Breads & Rolls

Quick Bread


Gift Card

Gift Card


Pound Cakes

Pound Cake


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