First Week of Class JB 53

These amazingly delicious cupcakes were expertly decorated by Cliff who is in our pervious class JB-52, they are out of the classroom and have graduated to learning in the kitchen, with our Kitchen instructor Justin.  

We started a new class JB-53 in the classroom this week.  The first week is always a little unbalanced while students feel out the program and see if this is something they want to do.  But we made it through the first week and looks like we are getting into the right energy, working together and ready to learn.  

Justin and Cliff doing some of the not so fun tasks of checking in orders and rotating stock with fresh deliveries.
Cliff and Justin checking in orders

Let’s introduce one of our new students Sami. 

Tell us your story-where are you from, how old are you, who is your greatest influence, what motivated you to come to Just Bakery, who are you: what are your identities, your struggles? What brings you joy in life? What do you see in your future? Who do you want to be? Write us a bit about who you are and how you want people to understand you. 
I am 27 years old. I was born in Jacksonville Florida. I have two siblings. My first childhood pet had a tattoo. I have a daughter Alani who will be born July 3rd of the year 2022. I am very excited to meet her. I just moved to Madison and am Very thrilled to begin this chapter in Life. I look forward to getting acquainted with all of my peers and future mentors while in the Just Bakery program.

Thank you for keeping up with our Blog, and come check out our muffins which have a variety of new flavors: lemon poppyseed, blueberry, banana nut, cranberry orange, chocolate cream cheese, pumpkin nut, apple streusel, morning glory , Pumpkin Cream Cheese

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