JB 50-Working Through It!

Well JB 50 has made it through Week 2! They are preparing their ServSafe presentations for either catering or food trucks and will present those next week to the group. These presentations involve tying together all the things in the flow of food from preventing cross-contamination, stopping the spread of pathogens through proper personal hygiene, ordering food, receiving, preparing, holding-everything that goes into the food side of a business! We are very excited to see what they have come up with!

In addition to the ServSafe book this week, they started working on creating or updating their resumes with our new interns Madelyn and Elizabeth. They have also started addressing some of the different barriers they are experiencing and how to remove those to move forward.

Jan came on from Project Respect to do some grounding mindful activities with the group. And Friday is yoga day with YAFA (Yoga Accessible for All).

Here are some pictures from the activities this week-make sure to check back next week so see how they progress! Thank you for your continued support of our program, and don’t forget to get your orders in-every dollar spent comes right back into the program which helps us keep this program free for our participants! You can place your orders at justdane.org/shop 

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