Keeping Focused

It is JB 44s last week before the kitchen starts! Here is Marlene to fill you in on the week!

Monday we had the nutrition final exam which is a proctored exam like exams which were in high school. The instructor told me all that I need was a pencil. (And she passed!!)


The main concept of Mindful Monday this week was how to keep myself focused upon my goals and be at peace with myself through meditation. Meditation is a quiet time to reflect upon my personal activities. Meditation also means letting go of unrealistic expectations and focusing on being present. We also went over our self-care plans which will help me stick to my goals and not giving into any distractions. It is a way to keep my mind on track, sort of like an agenda. 

Thursday was the nutritional presentation which I did on the taste buds in the mouth and how the tongue, nose, and mouth all work together to help the brain  pick out food which the individual likes.

With every new activity when a new person participate we go through a ice-breaking session where we learn one interesting thing about that participant- in this case the new person is Bee from JB 43 joining us for Cost!

Anesis was focused on boundaries such as setting them and learning to live by them. The boundaries we discussed were physical, intellectual, emotional, material, and time boundaries. We also talked about the degree of boundaries meaning they can be tough or soft boundaries. Another concept of a boundary is finding how I can improve my current circumstances and make my life better. Boundaries can be societal norms, societal taboos, or specifically behaviors which are socially acceptable in the workplace. What is appropriate in one situation would not necessarily be appropriate in another situation.

We have started the cost book which discusses food and beverages purchases  and calculation of labor. It also deals with budgets.”

Check back next week to see how Marlene likes the kitchen! She will be joined by Kim coming back from JB 42 after a summer of farming in the Urban Agriculture program-we’re excited to have you back to finish the program!!

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