New Beginnings With The Just Bakery Family

We’re already in March of 2022, this year is going by fast and our students have been working so hard!  Cliff, one of our students who is in his third month meaning that he is done with the classroom and only works in the Bakery.  I’ve never seen him SO happy!  He is truly at home when he is in the kitchen.  Cliff, Florenzo and Gloria work so well together in the Kitchen, they respect each other and truly care for each other.  This class bonded everyone on a much deeper level than just being in a class together, and it’s such a beautiful thing to be a part of.

Athena, Gloria, and ZackThe title is New Beginnings because in this class we have Athena and Gloria who were in our most recent class, but due to circumstances of life weren’t able to take the exam, so now they’re back and we are happy to have them here!  Now we’re going to hear from our student Athena about how this week was.

“This week in class we have been continuing our lessons in ServSafe.

We’ve reached the half way point and took our midterm exam!
We have had a couple of visitors this week, Renee who comes in and helps to educate us about various ways of dealing with different personalities in management as well as appropriate responses to social media complaints.
Another visitor was Jan with Project Respect who discussed Trauma and the effects it has on the body as well as an in depth discussion about triggers associated with different types of trauma. Jan provided the class with grounding bracelets which are used to help provide a distraction of the mind to bring us back into the present moment in times of stress.”


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