Tests and Presentations!

We’ll start things off this week with Bee’s summary of the week, and end with a couple of pictures from the youth’s baking experiments this week!

“It has been a busy and productive week in the classroom and the kitchen! Can’t wait for next week, but sad that this portion of the program is soon to be coming to an end!

“Math-it’s baaaack!”Jaclyn’s favorite subject is over in the classroom this week as we just finished up the last math unit on conversions. The Just Bakery math curriculum has given us real-life production bakery math skills, as well as taught us how to apply them in any home or commercial-sized kitchen.

This week we had a new visitor give us the opportunity to learn an instrument of tactile creative expression: weaving! We had a relaxing time meditating and doing an imagery weaving project with Julia from Backyard Mosaic Women’s Project that had us finding life direction and self-reflection. (Check her project out here: https://www.backyardmosaicwomensproject.org/)

We had fun with Sonja in the kitchen learning the creaming method with cookie dough galore and tested out some new tasty recipes for customer’s to enjoy 🙂

Between our freshly written resumes and cover letters and last week’s silly (and maybe too serious 🙂 ) employment interview practice activities, we got warmed up and ready for presenting our formal employability skills in one-on-one mock interviews.

With the Nutrition book reading completed we are glad to move forward toward our certifications as we review for our tests and practice the knowledge we have gained while we prepare for Nutrition presentations next week. Following Zack’s guidance, we have worked hard memorizing chapter upon chapter of pivotal food safety specifications leading us up to the big ServSafe test this Friday- Wish Us Luck! :)”

Update: they both passed!! Congratulations on your ServSafe certifications-you ladies worked hard for it!

The youth this week continued on their ServSafe journeys with Zack, and mastered the creaming method by baking cookies!

That’s all for this week! JB 43 is quickly approaching their “kitchen only” portion to make room for incoming JB 44! There is still space to join so make sure to check out our info session Tuesday (info below!).

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