Turning Up the Heat!

JB 43 had their first kitchen only week this week and it went swell! Here is Bee to fill you in!

“We are three weeks from finishing the program and it is a big production week in the kitchen. We have gotten speedier and more practiced in our pie crust and cookie dough-making skills. Sonja seemed grateful for our improvements as we really turned up the heat for production mode on our first long week in the kitchen. We have already gotten better at making graham and keto crusts for this week’s Key Lime Pie and Keto Cheesecakes. This week we had the chance to help prep and bake everything up fresh for weekend orders and see our projects to completion. Making the filling for both the cheesecake and the key lime pies was a fun new addition in the process that we were able to help with this week.

We began the introduction to straight doughs, where we learn to use yeast in baking. For our first straight dough recipe, we made the dreaded laminated croissant dough. Dreaded because of all the folding, but I think we enjoyed getting our hands on a new format and learning the basics of lamination! And we did pretty well for our first tries!

We also got to spice things up this week with some chimichurri sauce to turn our croissant dough into Argentinian Pinwheels. What a hit! Hopefully you all enjoy!

While we are learning new skills we continue to work on the creaming and muffin methods. We made batches of monster and chocolate chip cookie dough for pending orders and got cookies packed for pickup. We also were very glad to hear you liked our keto muffins, so we made more in a new flavor this week: classic chocolate chip!

I am excited to keep up the production mentality as we move forward and gain real-world commercial kitchen skills while still experimenting with flavors and old-timey favorites! Keep the orders coming in future weeks as we test out our abilities with freshly learned skills and build on older ones :)”

Say “Hi” to our newest JB employee: Troy! Glad to have you!

We start JB 44 on Monday so make sure to check back to meet our new students and to keep following JB 43’s kitchen adventures!

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