Very Interesting Week

Hey all you JB Fans Friends & Family Week 3, one of the first weeks they are introduced into two chapters each night has finally come to a close. We are currently wrapping up ServSafe as that’s the first subject they learn so there will be talk about that next week! The class is really getting the hang of it. Here is some of what our writer had to say this week:

“This week in Just Bakery was very interesting to say the least. Learning all these new things about the food that im eating in a different light has been very informative. Did you know eating too much red meat can lead to heart problems? The hands-on approach we receive is very helpful for how much we are learning in such a short amount of time. I’ve found many ways to balance what I’m eating to become a little more healthier such as replacing white bread with whole wheat. Also finding new ways to think of making food instead of deep frying, maybe baking. Lots to learn before I can make my new discoveries. I cant wait until next week to show you all the things we have been doing. Next week is our last full school week before we enter the kitchen! Until next time! PEACE”.

Don’t forget if you wanna order some goodies just click Just Bakery then Click Order and set up your order its that EASY! until next time have a great weekend we will see you next week!

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