Welcome JB 47!!

Welcome to the madness JB 47!! We have had a heavy week of getting our eight new students situated in this virtual world! Most of our newbies haven’t been in school in a while so that can be a struggle as they relearn what it’s like to be in school: reading, reading, reading! They are just about halfway through their Management book and really starting to get in the swing of things!

The first week is also fun! We do a variety of team building exercises in the morning to get to know each other better. Here are a couple pics from our activities this week!

JB 47 got started with math this week and are facing their apprehension around fractions. So far we have reduced and simplified, and starting looking at turning Improper Fractions into Mixed Numbers. The math fun will continue next week!

Here are a couple of our new students to tell you a little bit about who they are and what they are hoping to get out of Just Bakery!

“My name is David. I want  to learn how cook, bake and work with people and  help people.”

“Hi, I’m Sirspurgeon. I’m here to further my education and culinary skills. I’m currently homeless  yet I’m focused and hopeful of the future. “

Tom: “I have nearly 20 years experience in the industry in various positions and find it’s time to take my dedication to service to the next level. It takes more focusing on refining myself and I’m willing to grow to become the management candidate I know I have in me. It’s great that Just Bakery is giving the power to empower myself through their program and I feel lucky to be a part of it.”

Check back next week to meet some more of the group!

And what was JB 46 up to this week? They are rocking the kitchen making our special this month: Mint Brownies and from JB 45’s kitchen final presentations: Whoopie Pies! Make sure to get your orders in for these delectable desserts next week! And

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