Say Hello To Our Newest Just Bakery Class #55

We have just finished the first brutal week of Just Bakery.  We got to know [...]

Last Week of JB Class 54!!!

Hello Friends of Just Bakery, can you believe that we are already almost to the [...]

First Week Baking In The Kitchen!!

On Fridays we get to stop, take a break, be in the moment and connect [...]

One Month Down.. Two More To Go!!

With Troy being gone due to being home sick, Zack and I have been able [...]

Meet Our New Students for JB class 54!

This week was filled with BIG changes. We said goodbye to our wonderful interns, all [...]

Just Bakery Is More Than JUST a Bakery… Come See for Yourself!!

Life’s circumstance or missteps can lead to incarceration or other life challenges that can be [...]

Spring is Coming breathing New Life into us all

Hello from Just Bakery!  Spring is coming and with that we have a LOT of [...]

JB 52 Graduation Day!!!

Now, were going to hear from our student Athena about what was going on this [...]

New Beginnings With The Just Bakery Family

. And of course since we are a Bakery we have to tell you about [...]

First Week of Class JB 53

These amazingly delicious cupcakes were expertly decorated by Cliff who is in our pervious class [...]