Happy Halloween!

This week was Alternatives week so we learned all about modifying recipes when someone has a dietary restriction.

Of course with Halloween landing on a class day it was the perfect time to try out some halloween themed treats! on Tuesday we discussed Gluten Sensitive baking and the different flours you can use and the importance of knowing what ratios to replace regular flour with your alternative flour. We tested out a macaron recipe and made cookies and scream ghosts and caramel apple mummies!

On Thursday we discussed Vegan baking and what it means to bake without animal products and especially ways to replace eggs.  We made some of our vegan linzer cookies and tried out a recipe for a vegan gingerbread cinnamon roll for the winter! 

Friday was a pie day! we are trucking right along with our pie production and our students and staff are so quick at making pie crust now! This week was a good , week and a good test for our upcoming pie orders so get in your orders now for the holidays, we can’t wait to make you some pie you and your family will love!

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