Time to Bake!

JB 49 has finally made it to the kitchen! Second month is awesome because it [...]

Success Story and Updates!

Well, hello there stranger! It has been awhile! Glad to see you stop by! Today [...]

The Fun Begins

JB 47 was introduced to the kitchen this week! Here’s Miles to fill us in [...]


It’s been so long!! But we are happy to be back in action after some [...]

Pressing On

Happy Friday! Just Bakery is in production mode baking up all these holiday goodies without [...]

The Only Constant Is Change

With the governor’s order a couple weeks ago, Just Bakery needed to do some more [...]


November has me thinking about gratitude. I guess because Thanksgiving is right around the corner [...]

Juggling Lots, but Aiming for Success

“Moving into week 6 at Just Bakery, we started out as usual with some Bakers’ [...]

Getting Our Hands Metaphorically Dirty

“As JB 45 continues to learn more about and study Baker’s Math, Servsafe, and Nutrition, [...]

Ready for the Kitchen!

Today marks the end of Week 4 which means the students finally get started in [...]