Welcome JB 49!

We are so excited to have JB 49 in the house!!!

This week was the typical first week: tons of introductions and paperwork, as well as getting started on their first book and getting to know each other!

It’s been a tough transition for many of the new students as we try to get into the flow of JB. Most have kids as well as jobs to balance with the workload, and that is hard!

We did a lot of team building this week to get to know each other- vision boards, buzzfeed personality quizzes, playing math games, as well as just general conversations.

They met some of our peer specialists, Kaziah and Kim, who came on to talk about what the peer program is and how they can be of service to the students.

They got to meet Iris, from Yoga Accessible for All, who is coming in teach yoga and how it can benefit our mental health and well-being without being focused on the poses, but more on the breath and general focus on the present.

Jan from Project Respect came in to talk about trauma and the effects on the brain, and like always, brought in a fun grounding activity.

For school they have been chugging along in the Management book and will get started on Baker’s Math next week.

Join us next week for introductions to JB 49- have a lovely weekend!

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