New Beginnings

WOWZA what a wild week we are just reaching the best part of entering the kitchen! This week were gonna shake things up a little and have our intern give you her run down of this week with out taking more of your precious time take it away

“Hi, my name is Elizabeth, and I am one of the interns at Just Bakery along with Madeline. The two of us have been helping the students find resources that allow them to focus more on the program whether that be bus passes, gas cards, housing, whatever is preventing them from class we try and find a work around. We have also been working with them to get resumes and cover letters ready for future opportunities. This is super important as we want them to have a first look at what employers look for or will wanna know. This week they finished up the Serv Safe portion of class and the students took the final exam. We’re about to move into the bakery and apply what they have been learning like bakers math, making recipes and hands on commercial baking. I’m excited to be in person as opposed to virtual, and start on the more hands-on portion of the program. As a Human Services student I am excited to be involved with Just Bakery, I think the class is excellent and really provides a lot of practical skills and gives its students a leg up in searching for a job or continuing their education.”

Thanks Elizabeth, she’s right we try to our best to provide every resource available to students to attain the success and growth they desire.

until next week all you bakery fans, family, and fanatics! have a blessed weekend and if you would like to purchase any of our delicious products please feel free to take a look around 😉

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Breads & Rolls



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